Fashionably Late

To pregame or not to pregame… sometimes that is the golden question. The answer to this age old riddle relays on certain pieces of pertinent information; crowd makeup, formality, and group makeup. First of all, you need to know the makeup of the crowd you will be inserting yourself into. Is it a function with the same group of friends you see every couple weeks, or are you entering a new group of people with whom your unfamiliar? Usual suspects… definitely pregame. New crowd of possible clients or business contacts… probably hold off on the pregame and go in with a clear mind.

Next is formality- is this a wedding for a close family member or is it one for an old acquaintance (and maybe your questioning why you even got an invite in the first place)? Is the wedding at a high end gathering place or is it in Jeff’s backyard? I think the choice on which to pregame for is pretty obvious, but since we are laying it all on the line here- option #1 = no pregame, while option #2 almost has a requirement for some pregame.

Final thing to consider is the makeup of your accompanying group. Are you going to be attending this event with two of your best buds or with your grandparents? Although I know there are some very hip and cool grandparents out there, as a general rule of thumb- please don’t pregame a hangout with elders. If they wish to drink or desire you to do so it is always a better experience when you include them in the happenings, heck bring in any strangers to yourself in the crowd into the mix at this step too.

Now there are many factors that you may want to consider when deciding on preparty festivities, but these are my main 3 and I would consider it a personal success if more people adopted these on to their pregame decision making checklist. So are you going to pregame tonight?