Stag Parties – Night Outs

Night stag parties give the man that is about to marry honor. It is the last night of freedom of the man as a bachelor and therefore, a good opportunity for him to connect with his friends, share out his fears and get advice from the “boys.” These night outs are accompanied by cheering, alcohol, taunting and many other activities. A typical stag night out is often fun and gives the groom confidence to face the wedding.

Usually, the boys give a surprise to the groom during the night. In some occasions, the boys find a way to transport the groom miles away from home to the planned venue, without the prior knowledge of the groom. These are, however, rare cases. Stag night outs should be as fun as possible. Time and time again, these night outs with the guys are a tried and tested way of enjoying a great stag. Just be sure that the stag does not pay for any drinks and does not have a headache in the morning of the wedding.

The night party comes with an oral code of secrecy for those attending. These attendees are not to discuss or leak any information or activities of the night to third parties, like his parents or the bride-to-be. The fact that the boys are not allowed to talk about the night’s activities does not necessarily mean that they misbehaved during the out. The rule is that “what happens at that night, remains at the stag.” Additionally, no videos or pictures should be taken during the celebrations. The memory strictly remains to the attendees. There should be no intention or premeditation of indulging in harmful activities that could destroy the current or future relationship between the groom and the boys. Rather, the activities should be met to create stronger relationships and encourage the groom to face the wedding.